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India - Bababudangiri

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Specification Description
Origin Indonesia
Regio Bababundagiri, Chickmagalur, Karnataka
Hoogte 1000 to 1450 m
Variety various
Processing Method Washed
Geschikte zetmethode Espresso & FIlter
Smaakprofiel notes of nougat, hazelnut and cocoa.

Four hundred years ago, a young saint Baba Budan set sail for Mecca. Travel-weary, he stopped for some refreshment at a street stall, and was served a thimbleful of a dark, sweet liquid called ‚Qahwah‘. So rejuvenated was he by this thick black brew, that he decided to carry it back home for his people. But the Arabians guarded their secret fiercely and the local law would not allow it. Thus was born the idea of daring voyage…

With the holiest of motives, Baba Budan strapped seven seeds of the Arabian coffee plant to his belly, undetected under his ritual garment. As his ship docked in India and his co-pilgrims were kissing the soil of the homeland, Baba Budan planted those seeds in the hills of Chikmaglur in Karnataka. A few years later, the Coffees of India were born. …Baba Budan‘s seven magical beans have resulted in the world‘s widest range of coffee from a single country.

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