Anaerobic Fermentation

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Brazil - Fazenda das Almas

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Specification Description
Origin Brazil
Regio Minas Gerais
Producer José da Costa Muniz
Hoogte 950m - 1000m
Variety Yellow Icatu
Processing Method Other
Geschikte zetmethode Espresso & FIlter
Smaakprofiel tropisch fruit, bosbessen, vijgen en een zoetheid van dadels

This lot, produced by José da Costa Muniz and family at Fazenda das Almas, was undergoing an anaerobic fermentation for aprox. 69 hours. Then unloaded and subjected to a very slow drying process, ensuring the integrity of the beans. During the process all parameters such as temperature, are strictly controlled for an optimal result. The coffee is harvested with a high percentage of ripe cherries, accepting a minimum number of green fruits (less than 5%). Then separated by density in the washer, ensuring maximum uniformity of the lot. After this process, the product was placed in properly sanitized and hermetically sealed boxes. With the help of an air lock device, the gases produced during fermentation are released without the risk of oxygen entering, thus ensuring an anaerobic environment.

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