Pink Bourbon

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Colombia - Finca El Guayacan

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Specification Description
Origin Colombia
Regio Huila
Producer Miriam Quesada Enciso & Libardo Enciso
Hoogte 1550m
Variety Pink Bourbon
Processing Method Other
Geschikte zetmethode Espresso & FIlter

About this coffee
Miriam Quesada Enciso is a second-generation coffee producer. She inherited Finca El Guayacan from her ex-husband when they split their land. She has been cultivating coffee on the farm since 2005. Today, Miriam and her current husband, Libardo, manage Finca El Guayacan using a focus on high-quality cultivation and processing.

The volcanic loam soil is nutrient-rich and excellent for growing coffee. In addition to coffee, Miriam and Libardo also cultivate plantain and yucca.

Harvest & Post-Harvest
Miriam and Libardo are working on improving harvesting methods and ensuring that laborers pick only ripe, red cherry. They’re using incentives like better prices and free meals to entice good workers and reward their efforts. Once coffee is harvested, they float cherry and remove any lightweights. They deliver cherry to a separate drying facility. Cherry is turned frequently to ensure even drying.

About Pink Bourbon
Pink Bourbon, a hybrid of Yellow and Red Bourbon varieties, was first discovered and grown in Colombia. Taste-wise, Pink Bourbon has all the advantages of its Bourbon parents. The highlights of the typical Pink Bourbon profile is the strong floral notes and pleasant acidity frequently found in East African coffees. And there’s more than color and altitude on its side. Chemical breakdowns have found that Pink Bourbon has higher glucose content. This additional glucose — a type of sugar — means not only a sweeter cup but also a silkier body and more luscious mouthfeel. Some farmers also report that Pink Bourbon has more disease resistance than its Red and Yellow parents.

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