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Brazil - Morro Cavado

€ 7,49 (including VAT)
Specification Description
Origin Brazil
Regio South of Minas - Conceição da Aparecida
Producer Venerando Carvalho
Hoogte 1100 m.
Variety Topazio
Processing Method Natural
Geschikte zetmethode Espresso & FIlter

Located in the county of Conceição da Aparecida, South of Minas (greatest arabica coffee producing area in the country), Sítio Morro Cavado is part of a group of properties named Fazenda Morro Alto, owned by Venerando Carvalho, his family's third generation. Since they begin the activities in the area there was this concern of producing high quality coffees, seeking to contribute with the county's sustainability. The farm produces its own supplies, since the seedlings to the organic-mineral composts, using as much organic matter as possible. Aiming a more sustainable management, the farm counts with BSCA, UTZ and 4C certifications, avoiding products that may harm the environment somehow and, consequently having a better product in the end of the processes. The farm counts on highly qualified and trained professionals to follow all the activities with responsibility. All the coffees produced in the farm are in a traceability report along the production steps. During the harvest, which lasts until September, we separate the whole area by plots, letting the cherries of each plot also separated during the other processes: they are pass through a machine that is going to separate natural cherries from raisings and greens. Then comes the drying where we have pulped naturals and naturals. To reach the exact percentage of humidity we use the dryer to finalize and put the coffee beans to rest in big wooden boxes until the moment of taking the parchments and go to the warehouse. The most recent project at the farm is the new patio, built to work with the organic mineral compost production. This idea came from the necessity of using the generated residues of post-harvesting and processing and give them back to the soil.

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