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Kenya - Mukima

€ 7,15 (including VAT)
Specification Description
Origin Kenia
Regio Mount Kenya, Kirinyaga Bezirk
Producer Josra
Hoogte 1600 - 1700m
Variety SL28, Sl 34, Ruiru 11
Processing Method Washed
Geschikte zetmethode Espresso & FIlter

The major coffee of Kenya comes from cooperatives and washing stations. This peaberry plus coffee comes from Kirinyaga district, which is located on the slopes of Mount Kenya and is world renowned for its amazing coffees. Coffees are usually fully washed, then dried in the sun on raised drying screens, frequently known as "African beds“.

This whole lot consists of peaberry coffee beans. A peaberry coffee bean, has a special shape. They grow alone in a coffee cherry, and are roasted a bit differently.

A fruity and sweet coffee with black currant notes and a dried tomato aftertaste.

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